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Kamis, 12 Januari 2012

Basic Needs for Jilbab - part1

Yang ini selalu ada dan kamu harus selalu punya untuk jilbabmu ya

1) INNER MIKA - IDR 25,000 (min. order: 4 pcs)

2. CORSAGE, Big Corsage - Sifone (10 cm) IDR 25,000

Other basic needs will be share on this weekend ya dearie beautiful ladies :)

Kamis, 22 Desember 2011

☑JilbabEDU™ - Dec11

Many friends asked us to start collecting our tutorials and make them into 1 book.
We would love to :) I, myself very much believe that this book will be loved by you - stylish hijabers.
Well, however... We both are very busy! We are active employers at companies.

So, this is all we can do now.

But, if you and your friends would like to have more or live tutorial, we would love to!
(All we are dreaming of is making friends, through selling hijabs (we call it JILBAB in Indonesia) and providing you -as many as we can- alternatives of style)

By the way, we have new white dakotas, so, catch us at our new PINs: 28C196EF / 28D706D8

And these are the ☑JilbabEDU™ - tutorials by us :) for Fun Fun Fun December 2011:

Pasmina Kaos Pita - keep stylish even for outdoor activity

For any cotton pashmina - stylish for going to mall :)

Full rayon Lily - for party!!

Paris Star - beautiful & elegant for formal occassion
 GO TRY THEM for this year end party!!!!!!!!

2011 December *keep stylish in the year end*

Haute Couture, pashmina shaped, available in 5 colors,
Very stylish to be modified with other hijabs

<<Knit Style>> 

Triangle RAJUT (Knit) Renda, for simplicity+stylish

Triangle ALL renda, with cute renda around for chick

Triangle Kaos (shirt) Renda,
very easy to use

<< Paris Style>>

(All types of) BIG Flower, is elegantly stylish!

Rabu, 07 Desember 2011

December 2011

We have 3 models for non formal occassion as below.
For order, temporarily you may PIN to 21C80605 / 20E8D8F0 or just sms.
(( Our BBM Group will be re-activated by next Sunday ))

(1/3) Kaos Pita Including Inner

(2/3) StretchPasmina 2 Colors

(3/3) KaosStripes 2 Sisi

Tutorial will come ASAP :)

Jumat, 25 November 2011

2011 November (part-2)

November oh Novembeeerrr :)

#1 Full Rayon Lily

#1 Full Rayon Lily for turban mode

#1 Full Rayon Lily colors

#2 Triangle Wool 1 Tone

#2 Triangle Wool 1 tone colors

#3 Paris Big Flower
(and we still
have many more paris)

#3 Paris Big Flower colors

#3 Paris Big Flower
also for daily style

also available other models:
#4 Paris Lines of Roses

#5 Paris Full Renda

#6 Paris Circle Renda

For order, please PIN US 2267847E/215C62CB

Sabtu, 19 November 2011

☑JilbabEDU™ - Nov11

Check these out... and you'd be more stylish with  ☑Jilbab&Me™

Rainbow Rayon

Sabrina 2 Motives

Triangle SpiderWebRose

2011 November

2011 November Rain: Triangle SpiderWeb Rose
2011 November Rain: Full Rayon BigStripes
2011 November Rain: Kaos SemiRayon Printed
2011 November Rain: Triangle Kaos Rose

☑Jilbab&Me™ - pin us 2267847E / 215C62CB